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Find a Feature Challenge

by Trumbull Nature and Arts Center on 04/03/20

Find a Feature Challenge
Take a walk around your neighborhood. Geoscience is for everyone! And everyone can accept the Find a Feature Challenge! What is the shape of the land in your neighborhood? Is it flat or hilly? Do you see small or large rocks? Are they rough or smooth? What color is the soil, and where does the water flow?


The shapes and patterns that we see around us tell the story of the Earth and the many forces that are at work in shaping our world. The United States Geological Survey (USGS), whose mission is science, would like to share the excitement of unraveling this story with people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations through our Find a Feature Challenge!


More info here:

For teachers: NGSS Correlation:

Science and Engineering Practices — Developing And Using Models

Disciplinary Core Ideas — Earth’s Systems

Crosscutting Concepts — Patterns
Earth and Human Activity (ESS3)

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