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The Trumbull Nature & Arts Center thrives due to the passion of its volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit the form below.


Is gardening or landscaping your passion? We are looking for grounds maintenance volunteers . Help us keep the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center beautiful all guests, volunteers, staff and animals.
The Patrons of the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center is run by a volunteer Board of Directors from diverse backgrounds including fundraising, environmental sciences, business, education, and the arts. We currently have open board seats for enthusiastic, hard working, committed members who can add to the organization.
Do you have a special interest in nature and the outdoors, and enjoy sharing your knowledge with children? We are looking for volunteers who enjoy being outdoors and teaching children as well as instructing student field trips.
Are you a fundraising enthusiast or an expert? Do you have unique fundraising ideas to share? Join our team and help the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center grow and get better at serving our community. We are looking for a volunteer fundraising consultant who can expand our fundraising efforts and help us execute them.
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What's in it for you? Being a part of a non-profit organization of wonderful people playing a vital role in bringing about a happy, creative, educated and sustainable Trumbull community. Please read below what our volunteers are saying about their experiences at the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center. 

"After I retired I wanted to give back to the Community that helped raise me and my children. The Nature and Arts Center has fit that bill."~ Bonnie

"I see TNAC as a great opportunity for people to experience nature and learn about the environment. I particularly enjoy teaching children from local schools and camps when they visit during field trips." ~ Kevin

"The reason I became involved with the Nature Center was I needed an Outreach Project for my Master Gardener certification in 2007. I saw the sign, contacted the town and began the butterfly garden installation with Ruth Mohr. Many projects later, I still enjoy sharing knowledge and learning new things at the Nature Center." ~ Meg

"My love for nature and arts brought me to the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center. I feel that in this technology-driven world each community must strive to encourage its residents to develop and strengthen their connection to nature and the living world around them. I believe the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center is that organization in our community. I met some very hardworking volunteers at the center. I get a chance to be creative, share my ideas with the team and be a part of an ongoing effort to educate our community about the environment, nature and arts." ~ Rasa

"I became involved with TNAC as a way to fill the gap between my passion for all types of conservation (water, energy, natural resources) and my commitment to the education of our young people. TNAC is an education driven organization that is guided by our love of the environment. My goal is for the center to reach more people of all ages and backgrounds." ~ Scot

"I've had many rewarding experiences in the short time that I've been volunteering for TNAC. It's a great place to make a difference at the local level. " ~ Sheryl 
Come Visit: 7115 Main Street, Rte 25, Trumbull, CT 06611 Phone: (203)
Mailing Address: Patrons of TNAC, Inc, P.O. Box 110438, Trumbull, CT 06611
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